Dutil, Julie

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  • The goal of my research program is to understand the contribution of genetic variations to diseasessusceptibility in the population of Puerto Rico. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing minority in the United States. The total 7 million Puerto Ricans (living in the island and on the continent) make up 18% of theHispanic population and comprise the second largest Hispanic subgroup in the country. However, little isknown about the disease genetics make up of this population. More specifically, my goals are 1) to understandhow inter-individual and inter-population genetic variations regulate the onset, progression and response totreatment in human diseases, and 2) develop strategies and tools to translate these findings to the health caresystem serving minority populations. Prior to establishing an independent research laboratory at Ponce Schoolof Medicine, I was trained molecular biology and genetics under the supervision of Dr Alan Deng at theUniversity of Montreal where I used animal models to identify genes for hypertension and cardiovasculardiseases. As a post-doctoral fellow, I collaborated with Dr Tomohiro Katsuya at Osaka University in Japan,where I studied the implication of genetic variants in human hypertension susceptibility using case-controlassociation study. Currently, I am the PI on a grant aimed at using candidate genomic regions forhypertension in the rat to study genetic predisposition to human hypertension via high resolution comparativemapping. In addition, I received funding to identify the frequent BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in thepopulation of Puerto Rico.



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