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  • My group has been working on the topic of ageing for over 20 years, having published many papers on the role of the regulation of mitochondrial oxidative stress by means of the renin angiotensin system. Our group was one of the first to demonstrate that Angiotensin II is a potent generator of oxidative stress at the mitochondrial level and that its blockage changes mitochondrial function by decreasing oxidative stress and in this way delaying the ageing process. Ours was one of the first publications that demonstrated the possibility of prolonging lifespan in mammals without changing their caloric intake. This proposal is a continuation in comprehending the mechanisms by which the renin angiotensin system, by means of the mitochondria, regulates the ageing mechanism.My development as a researcher in the Physiology Institute at the University of Buenos Aires was greatly influenced by my mentors, Drs. Carlos Fasciolo and Alberto Taquini, coauthors of the seminal work in the discovery of the renin angiotensin system. My previous background in the University of Buenos Aires, as Director of the Department of Experimental Nephrology in the Institute of Cardiovascular Research, site where the majority of these studies on ageing, oxidative stress and mitochondrial function were done, qualifies me to head this project. Also in Argentina, I was Director of the Albert Einstein Medical Research Center, where I formed the research group on ageing and the renin angiotensin system. For the last 7 years, I have Chaired the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at the Ponce School of Medicine, where we have established an oxidative stress laboratory, along with Drs. Kazim Husain and Edu Suárez, to continue with these studies.Based on our previous studies on rats and mice, we would like, through this project proposal, to deepen the knowledge of renin angiotensin blockage in a primate model, evaluating this effect at the level of the mechanisms of natural hepatic ageing and the role that this process has on oxidative stress and mitochondrial function


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